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My First Ocean Dive

OK This is why I went through all that misery, discomfort, humiliation and exhilaration when I passed my exams and became a “Certified Open Water Diver”.

Remember I said I had a vacation booked? The Seychelles are absolutely mind blowingly beautiful.

April 20th 1990; Mahe, Seychelles, Rays Rock. It was a hot sunny day with a gentle breeze, I was just itching to get in.

The hotel had a small reef in front of it, it took about 5 minutes after arriving to grab my suit, fins etc. and I was in, all I could say was WOW! This was the first time I had seen anything like this, there were fish everywhere and such amazing colours. It was almost as if they had been painted especially for the tourists.

Our dive master gave the brief and in we went, obviously still a novice diver I was quite happy to settle on the indicated sandy patch and drink it all in. No my mask wasn’t leaking……. the fact that I could see for what seemed like miles and so much to see.

I still have a distinct memory of watching a school of tiny, tiny, neon striped fish swimming through a small coral head, I can still bring the picture to mind. This was just the beginning; the Divemaster herded us up and took us to the reef proper……….

That was it, I was hooked line and sinker forever! I had never imagined so many fish, so many different shapes, patterns, sizes, the “rocks” were all different too. My mouth would have been hanging ajar if I didn’t have a regulator in it.

I had become used to the sound of breathing and bubbles, now I became aware of other sounds, little clicks and grunts. I swear I could hear that parrot fish chomping on the piece of coral he had just bitten off.

A frantic banging pulled me away from all those fish to the divemaster gesturing frantically to my left……….. Sure enough there was my first Turtle, we must have disturbed his morning nap. He slowly moved up and away, passing almost close enough to touch. I remember thinking can it get any better than this?

I know it can, because there is always another First!

About the author: Born in the UK, with what must be more than a dash of Romany blood in her veins, Yvonne loved to travel even before she met Michael. Yvonne has a varied career history, which includes several laborious years as a laboratory manager, followed by a fun few years as a scuba instructor and crew in the British Virgin Islands, and then many boring years in financial services. Her discontent along with the passing of a dear friend was the prod that led to the realisation that there was a lot more do in life. It has taken almost 40 years to come full circle to realize what Yvonne’s English teacher saw all those years ago……… Yvonne’s true passion (apart from travel) is writing and now finds herself fortunate to have the time to follow her bliss and combine the two as a blogger and travel writer. Yvonne loves to tell stories and talk to lots of strangers (the best way to get the real scoop on the place). Yvonne is a “rainmaker” and makes things happen!

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