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Your Escape Blueprint


Hello there!

We are Michael and Yvonne who retired at 44 and 53, dumped the shackles of convention, and decided to live an Epic Life!

Since May 2012 we have been pursuing our passion for world travel by house sitting full time in Europe, North –Central and South America, and extensively in the Caribbean.

This blog ‘Your Escape Blueprint’ is our way of documenting our travels. Sharing our videos and photography and our personal insights into the places we visit.

There may even be the odd rant or two along the way; however we aspire to tell the truth as we see it. We will not try to whitewash things or feed you a line of BS.

You are welcome to follow our journey and yes, even live vicariously through us if you wish.

If you want more information on how we were able to achieve our dreams at such a young age, or to find out how you too can be a roving retiree. We invite you to head on over to our new website Nomadic Retirement Living.

Follow along if you wish – it might be inspiring – if nothing else, it will be interesting.