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Dinner Italian Style

If you like us are a “Foodie” this will get your taste buds salivating.

One of the joys of slow travel is cooking for ourselves. Coniglio Ragu is what we had for dinner last night!

You start with a “odori” these are the “flavourers”, celery, carrot and onion chopped, add to this crushed garlic and diced pancetta, lightly braise in good olive oil, once they have caramelized a little add the washed and dried Coniglio and brown on all sides. Transfer to a heavy bottomed pan and simmer on the stove.

Add red wine to soften the juices in the frying pan and scrape this out into your saucepan, add more red wine, tomatoes’ or tomato paste, bay leaves, chopped rosemary & oregano and if you have it the heel (the rind) of a piece of Parmesan. Allow to simmer very gently until the meat is tender and falls off the bone.

We had ours with new potatoes, crusty bread, green beans & red wine of course!


It was delicious!!!

Any left overs make a wonderful sauce for pasta, but do remember to take the meat off the bone…… it can be a finicky job as those bones are tiny. Yes we had Rabbit! I think I must be a farm girl at heart!

Rabbit is not the only thing, readily available at the market, Quails appear to be a popular choice although there is very little meat on them.

The traditional way of life in Tuscany included not only the typical meats but rabbit, wild boar and in hunting season, pheasant, tordi, & merli, more commonly known as Thrushes and Blackbirds!

Hunting season still goes on and anything and everything will be shot at!

Be very careful in the forests during hunting season, you could be mistaken for a Thrush!

About the author: Michael was born under a wanderin’ star. He is an Engineer who became an explorer, a photography enthusiast, and hack traveller writer with the propensity to be snarky. Retired at the age of 44, he and his wife Yvonne travel and house sit around the globe on a full time basis grazing on awesome food along the way. Michael’s mission is to inform, inspire and empower people who are interested in travelling extensively in their retirement.

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  • Ken Hallgren

    Looks like the trip is going good so far, keep up the good work. Most interesting blog.



    • Michael Bauche

      Hello Ken! We are off to a good start. I am glad you are enjoying the blog. Let us know what we can do to make improvements. I trust all is well with you and your clan. Keep care stay in touch.


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