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Keys to Housesitting Success

Are you ready to save a fortune travelling the world? Being a house sitter can be extremely rewarding, but if you’re missing critical knowledge it can be a struggle. House sitters who have the keys to house sitting success are in high demand – often having more house-sits than the time to do them.

By using the right keys, the doors to the world of house sitting will open for you.

The # 1 Key to Successful House Sitting? Marketing.

One of the most essential components of being a successful house sitter is being able to articulate what you have to offer in a clear concise manner. Clear concise communication allows homeowners to know exactly what you can do for them and why they should use you as a house sitter.

If you have a poor message – you will severely limit the number of house sits you are offered.

Key #2  –  A Smokin’ Hot House Sitting Profile

Want that plum house sitting assignment in a Luxury Villa overlooking the azure Caribbean? Guess what ? – So do hundreds of other house sitters, all gunning for the opportunity!

The ability to present your talents and services in a way that will make homeowners want you – and invite you into their home is a critical skill. House sitters who employ the power of persuasion in their profile inspire homeowners to choose them. A well-constructed profile will often result in homeowners handpicking you  – offering you the position before they open the opportunity to the competition.

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

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Profile Writing

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Key #3  A Personal House Sitting Website

It is critically important to make a personal connection with your potential house-sitting clients. Trust often starts with the feeling that we relate to somebody in some way. This is usually through a common background, experience, or interest. A personal website allows you the freedom and flexibility to talk about your interests and experiences in a way that is not possible on the house sitting websites.

A personal website also gives your prospective house sitting clients a much greater level of comfort by demonstrating that you take house-sitting seriously.

Key #4 Harnessing the Power of Video

Most people would rather stand in front of a firing squad than a video camera. This is why most house sitters are missing one of the most persuasive forms of communication available to them. Video.

House sitters who understand the power of video use this medium to make an immediate connection with their prospective clients and get the plum assignments. If the video is in keeping with the rest of your profile, it serves as a critical step in crystalizing the trust level between you and a homeowner.

The value of your video is not through slick production but rather you being truly authentic. If you are able to connect the ball with the bat you might make a base hit. When you are authentic and real, you can smash a home run.

Key #5 Providing Outstanding Customer Service

The prior keys open the door to getting house sits. The final key ensures that even more doors open. Outstanding service creates satisfied homeowners who will be happy to ask you back and recommend you to family and friends. The formula for providing outstanding house sitting service is simple:

  • Show up prepared
  • Be respectful
  • Return the home cleaner and the garden tidier
  • The pets are well loved and groomed
  • The clients are well informed during the entire process
  • Do something for the client that makes them say “Wow”!

If you need assistance with any of the “Keys to Housesitting Success” or advice about becoming a roving retiree – we are available for mentoring.