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Why one should travel light Reason # 97

Reason # 97 to travel light

It has often been said if you can’t run a 1/2 mile with all your gear you are carrying too much.

Heavy Bag!
There are many compelling reasons why one should travel light including more mobility, flexibility and economy. I recently discovered the most compelling reason for travelling light – It can  literally save your back.

There comes a point in a persons life when your body says “Frick you – your are not 20 anymore” then promptly bodyslams you into the pavement. “Macho Man” Randy Savage style.

I faced that point after two long days of bus travel from  the North of Costa Rica to David Panama.

As I pulled our large bag (loaded with dive gear and other necessities) my back made a gruesome pop combined with a rather interesting squelching sound.

A few days later the pain was wicked and constant, I got to know the local chiropractor quite well!

I pinched my Sciatic nerve and now understand how painful sciatica is, it is major pain in the ass, thigh and calf!

After two  weeks of agony, I was able to get off the couch for short periods. Walking any distance took a further 3 weeks of building up my tolerance.

Take my advice,

Travel light or get somebody to haul your garbage for you.

Even if you are 20 – abusing your back will catch up with you – even if you think you are the World Westling champ of the world!
Heavy Load

About the author: Apparently born under a wandering star, Michael spent hours as a kid poring over maps, atlases and plotting where he wanted to travel when he grew up. Sadly Engineering school got in the way….. “it takes 5 years to complete and a lot longer to get over”. He still considers himself a “recovering” Professional Engineer. He escaped the rat race at 44 and now pursues his passions for travel, photography, Tai chi, scuba diving, cooking and sampling the world’s wines. Michael is also… Fiercely independent, a bit of a rebel, is on a self-imposed media diet & married to an incredible lady.

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