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The Thrilla of Manila

We found ourselves in Manila at the start of our Coral Cay Expedition.

Manila is one BIG City. Manila proper has a population over 1.7 Million. These people are crammed into an area of 38.55 square kilometres, making Manila not only the most densely populated city in the Philippines but the most densely populated city in the world.The Manila metropolitan area is comprised of sixteen cities  and is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world with a population of 20 million people.

Manila is the essence of discombobulation, a great big amorphous mass of humanity, but as we have found exploring Manila, each area has its own distinct feel and essence.

We have also discovered that driving in Manila is THRILLING! The rules of the road (and I use the term loosely) in this metropolis of 20 million people is a little different  than what I am used to driving in Vancouver BC.

We knew we were in a new land once our cab from the Manila airport got rolling. Lanes are mere suggestions and the traffic pulses and surges and intertwines like a graceful ballet. Schools of motorcycles, weave through the traffic coming within inches of pedestrians, Pedi cabs and cars.

You have to be on your toes getting around in this town ~ getting around is about riding on the edge!

About the author: Apparently born under a wandering star, Michael spent hours as a kid poring over maps, atlases and plotting where he wanted to travel when he grew up. Sadly Engineering school got in the way….. “it takes 5 years to complete and a lot longer to get over”. He still considers himself a “recovering” Professional Engineer. He escaped the rat race at 44 and now pursues his passions for travel, photography, Tai chi, scuba diving, cooking and sampling the world’s wines. Michael is also… Fiercely independent, a bit of a rebel, is on a self-imposed media diet & married to an incredible lady.

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