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Your Escape Blueprint

Safe and Sound!

After toasting our “Escape” at YVR we boarded our Boeing 777 on schedule, settled in to our cosy Air Canada seats and we were off!

Our route took us into night time and over the top of the world! We arrived ahead of schedule and then had to circle Heathrow in a holding pattern due to traffic congestion …….. plane traffic that is, it is a busy airport!

I have learnt from prior trips that clearing customs as a UK passport holder is a lot quicker than non- UK passport holders, what I also learnt is that the customs officers are very obliging and helpful when I bring my Canadian husband through with me. As long “as I can vouch for him of course”. Of all the places we have travelled I think the English customs are the friendliest or maybe it’s because a cheery smile goes a long way?

One bag!

Once through customs, it was down corridors, upstairs, more corridors and down more stairs to the baggage carousel…… my bag was out already and our second arrived after 10 mins…… Yeah!

Now to find our ride home! My Dad had volunteered to meet us at the airport with the help of a “Mate” of course as he doesn’t drive anymore. It was then that I realised I had not called him in the run up before leaving home……. Would he be there???

More narrow, twisty corridors and the final set of doors…… there he was with not one mate but two!

It has been over 4 years since I was home last and it was a shock to see my Dad, still my Dad but not quite the Dad I remember! Hugs all round and we were escorted out to the parking lot and loaded into a 7 seater “People Mover” we know them as Mini-vans……..

Our drive home took us first along the M25 with the vibrant green of budding trees and the yellow swathes of Rape seed growing in the rolling fields to either side. Cows grazed here and there with the odd flock of Black Sheep thrown in.

Once we were off the motorways, the more like home it became, winding narrow roads, brick houses jostling for space, tiny stone churches and of course pubs everywhere!!!!

We arrived home around 3pm….. home is where I spent my childhood, teenage and

Home is where the heart is!

some adult years. Home is where my family is and my family revolves around Dad, who always has an open door for his kids, no matter where they have been, how old they are or how many pals they bring home with them.

Dad had even stocked the fridge with the one thing we all crave when we come home……. Our famous local sausages, if you get the chance, try real Lincolnshire sausages, you will be hooked too!

Replete with sausages we staggered into bed around 8pm…….. 30 hours after we left our camp bed in Coquitlam.

More to come!

About the author: Michael was born under a wanderin’ star. He is an Engineer who became an explorer, a photography bug, and hack traveller writer with the propensity to be snarky. “Retired” in 2012 at the age of 44, he and his wife Yvonne travel and house sit around the globe on a full time basis. Michael’s goal is to share the process of escaping the rat race, exploring the globe, and some of the experiences along the way.

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  • Mariah-Jane

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the descriptive postings…I felt like I took part of the trip with you. How cool to be able to return to your childhood home. I can do that also…my Mom is in the same house my parents bought in 1972!
    Looking forwards to more and I’ll look for the “bangers”.

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