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Dancing in Panama

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with the cutest bunch of kids this side of Rio Hato, Panama.

Our early Christmas outing was a fundraiser for the Panamanian dance troop Orgullo Rio Hato Sur the Pride of South Rio Hato. Entertainment was the dancers themselves of course and although they come from one of the poorest communities in the area, they know how to have fun.

Ranging in age from 5 to 13 the girls were dressed in the Pollera, a traditional costume of wide flared skirts and lacy blouses. Their hair pinned up with a smaller version of the intricate handmade, bead and wire headdress known as Tembleque’s. The boys could not compete with such finery, at least not until the second session where the carnival style dress of multi fabric scraps haphazardly combined in riotous colors made them as colorful as the girls.

The group has been doing performances in the area for a few years now. They are encouraged and supported by the owners of the XS Hotel & Bar who also arranged a surprise visit from Santa complete with gifts for all.

It was a fun night. It would be hard to say who had more fun the kids or the completely captivated folks watching the show. It looked to us that the girls had the most fun, especially when they got the chance to “walk all over” the boys. You have to see it for yourself, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


About the author: Born in the UK, with what must be more than a dash of Romany blood in her veins, Yvonne loved to travel even before she met Michael. Yvonne has a varied career history, which includes several laborious years as a laboratory manager, followed by a fun few years as a scuba instructor and crew in the British Virgin Islands, and then many boring years in financial services. Her discontent along with the passing of a dear friend was the prod that led to the realisation that there was a lot more do in life. It has taken almost 40 years to come full circle to realize what Yvonne’s English teacher saw all those years ago……… Yvonne’s true passion (apart from travel) is writing and now finds herself fortunate to have the time to follow her bliss and combine the two as a blogger and travel writer. Yvonne loves to tell stories and talk to lots of strangers (the best way to get the real scoop on the place). Yvonne is a “rainmaker” and makes things happen!

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