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Another day and four countries!

We decided to head further east and get a taste of some of the countries we have only

Flowers and pots!

ever heard about…… in my case Luxembourg! Leaving from Belgium we headed in a more or less straight line east, which actually took us through France, Germany, Luxembourg and back to Germany. We stopped for coffee in Arlon, which is Belgium….but we may have been in France before and after….. very confusing! A very helpful barista, helped us find the one and only Wi Fi spot in the place so we check in and enjoy our coffee. Bonjour and a smile go a long way!Europe really is a place without borders…….. there are no border crossings, no

Tournai Belgium

guards, no checkpoints and only the occasional sign welcoming you to????. The reality is you are driving a highway which crosses through multiple countries and apart from the language changes on the road signs; you would not even know you were in another country.

We had a picnic lunch in Luxembourg, took in the view and carried on ending up at

Church in Arlon Belgium

the Hotel Fuchs (Fox) in Saarbrucken, Germany. It is a beautifully restored hotel complete with ancient beams, low ceilings and lovely hot water radiators (perfect for warming up those fluffy white towels).

The town, at least the area we were in was a hot spot of activity, bars, restaurants and the entire square were full of the ebb and flow of the townsfolk……… whether it was stopping for Café, Bier or just to people watch, the whole town (and their dogs were there). The cobbled square, the centre of the town is indeed the heart of these places, the people the blood that flows in and out, pulsing in an age old tradition.

View from our window in Saarbrucken Germany

I felt at home here, after all Europe is where my ancestral blood stems from………. At home and yet not, both myself and Mike appear to belong…… until we speak. We are not obviously strangers by our appearance unlike many places we have travelled too, which has given rise to some awkward one sided conversations! My high school German and Mikes French has been sorely tested and found wanting!





About the author: Michael was born under a wanderin’ star. He is an Engineer who became an explorer, a photography bug, and hack traveller writer with the propensity to be snarky. “Retired” in 2012 at the age of 44, he and his wife Yvonne travel and house sit around the globe on a full time basis. Michael’s goal is to share the process of escaping the rat race, exploring the globe, and some of the experiences along the way.

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  • Lynne Sylvestre

    Wow, Michael and Yvonne! Sounds like a great trip. Did you realise that when you were having a coffee in Arlon you were very, very close to your Bauche roots? I have been to Arlon many, many times as we have Belgium cousins on both my mom’s and my dad’s side of the family. The small town, Grandpa and Grand-ma Bauche came from was Redu, maybe you know all of that. Did you go check it out?
    Have a wonderful time! look forward to hearing all about your trip! Safe travels,

    • Michael Bauche

      Hello Lynne – I trust all is well. Yvonne & I are on the road for at least a year. We had to blast through the north to get to Tuscany for a house sitting stint. I knew that Grandparents Bauche came from Redu Belgium – I was not able to find Redu on the map. Please advise where the closest town is to Redu. We will be is tuscany for three weeks. We then have house sitting arrangements in the South of Spain and the South of France. We will be heading up through Belgium at the end of July and hope to visit Redu. Keep in touch Michael & Yvonne.

  • Lynne

    That’s great Micheal! I did 2 years of travel during my years as a teacher! Wonderful way to charge up the batteries!
    I did South East Asia and India Nepal my first year and the second year I did an overland trip out of London to Kathmandu via central Africa and the Middle east… couldn’t pass there any more!
    Ok Redu is almost staright north of Bouillon, which you should find easliy on a map. Bouillon is pretty well on the France/Belgium border. From Bouillon , you would go north on the N 89 , exit onto the N899. At Maissin, you would certainly see signs for Redu which is just a little north west. Redu is a great little town which has many many little book stores.
    Great you and Yvonne are off traveling! Nothing like it! Where are you going in the south of France? I have good friends here in Ottawa who have a condo near Toulon in a small town called Carquierrane. They spend 4 months there every year.
    Safe travels, look forward to following you along!
    take care and… enjoy!!

    • Michael Bauche

      Awesome thank you Lynn

      I find travelling is good for my soul. Yvonne and I met 17 years ago in New Zealand and ended up travelling through NZ, Australia SE Asia, Nepal and India for 10 months.

      Thanks for the detailed directions to Redu.

      We are currently working on a house sitting gig North of Mountpellier for 2 weeks in July, I believe that is in the general area of Toulon (200 km or so).

      Ciao Michael

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